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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I was driving down an empty highway with a sun to my left - it was a peaceful Sunday.
I took a left turn and there erupted before me an orange brilliant sun.
The music started right then.
It was slow and haunting.
The car started gliding and the noise around me all stopped.
My car was silent and there was no one around me but yet there was someone nearby.
The music changed but it was always the same to me.
All at peace. All brilliant. All overwhelming.
I should have been cranky and weary.
I had been driving for too long and my muscles should have overpowered my will to be at peace.
But somehow, I was calm and smiling.
I still remember the moment when the music first entered my mind and tears came right upto my eyes.
That moment lasted a long time and vanished too abruptly.
That moment was unreal because I had never been that.
When I close my eyes I go right back to that wholesome feeling.
The dull and brilliant sun, the clear monstrous hills, the empty road, the silent car, my mind at peace, the constant buzzing of silence.
But it seems as though that moment was too far back in my past - like a distance memory.
Then again, I know I can reach out and grab it.
The hills were unusually clear and the road was scarily empty.
I still remember the noiseless feeling.
It was beautiful.
I believe it will stay with me forever.

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