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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Illusions of my stomach

Woke up at night to see a bright blue sun.
Removed my skin and wore my clothes.
Cried so much that water from all around filled me eyes.
Happiness is cruel.
The squares horizon at the distance
Realised that I have a long walk ahead of me.
Reached in 3.16 seconds
Sweated like a fairy tale princess.
The dog came and sat on my head.
An eagle came and lifted me to the sea.
14387 feet below sea level is where her nest was.
It was a bit like home
But better
There was more company there you see.
We went to the land park
Of course you understand that on land - we have a sea park and therefore in sea one would have a . . .
The mermaids they were gorgeous.
Bald heads, round figures, lilac eyes and razor sharp teeth.
I was in love it seemed.
Her name was Ghizalum
We held feet and hit each other.
I boarded the next train that led me to land.
I knew I could not be with her forever.
146 years had been a long time, not to mention the 8 months, 48 days, 982 minutes and 57996 seconds.
The train halted at the amazon rain forest where the sand was so green it reminded me of a spinach park.
Thats when I chatted with some piranhas and they guided me to the brown sun way up high.
So I borrowed a ladder and climbed the excruciating five hundred sixty five centimeters.
Again, all the water entered my body like a flash flood.
I sat on the sun and played poker with my buddies.
I won about 486 billion rupees but decided to eat it all because I was too hungry and there was no food around.I dived from the sun onto the black earth below.
I missed it and started orbiting till I gathered pace and finally entered earth.
I landed with a thud that broke the one hair that was left on my bald head.
All my eyes were full of dust
So I took a curtain to wipe the muck off.

I was tired so I decided to shoot myself with the gun I had.

Thats when I felt the a/c, blanket, bed, society and all things mundane

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