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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Side by Side

On heavy foot I tread the mucky land.
The sea roars and beckons me.
There I go forth to proclaim my rule.
I have by my side the support of my companion.
I have at my heart the warmth of a fire inside.
The burn shouts to me.
The burn, it shouts to me.
I see a giant in my path with arms swinging wild.
I say begone foul creature for you know not my wrath.
A battle ensues and might I say that it lasted for 4 seconds.

On heavy foot I tread the slippery ice.
Fear that you may walk to fast.
For you know not when you may slip into the abyss.
Fear that you may walk too slow.
For you know not when the thin ice swallows you whole.
A chill passes through my body only to be extinguished by the warm hand holding mine.

On heavy foot I tread a treacherous hill.
The rocks slide past me.
They are scared of me I think.
The water slams into my face - blinding me for a moment.
But onwards I go because I am pushing my companion ahead.
I think that person may be tired, but no fear that person holds.
For I am right behind.

On heavy foot I tread to the center of nowhere.
And there I behold that all that was past has been inconsequential.
All that I have is me and my companion.
All that I have are my memories etched forever in my head.
All that I have are my weary bones and my tired mind.
I did all this to reach the center of nowhere.
That is when I laughed.
That is when she laughed.
That is when we died.

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