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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Up from bed and shorts came on
The mirror I saw and a pair of eyes saw me
I thought they were not mine.
Shrugged it off and went on my day.
I held her hand and took her away
A long drive and a peaceful sound.
A few words exchanged and the land changed around.
A house at the distance
And sadly a clean one.

But inside was no TV and no music.
No light and no table.
A soft ground and a fire place.
It gets cool at night with the trees all around you see.
Just the 2 of us to keep us warm if no fire can be made easily.

Mornings I hear the birds and nights I hear the crickets.
Sometimes I hear my voice singing in the dark
Not to her but to myself.

There is a room - I failed to mention - which looks up at the sky.
There is no roof there sometimes.
You should see how the sky looks at night from that roof.
I have never seen such a perfect blend of creation and creation.
But, hey - you are never going to see it are you??
Unless you can replace my companion.
Sounded hilarious.

I drove back then, and she was sleeping.
Reached the apartment and when she woke up.
She cried.
I could not - I had to take care of her you see.
I looked in the mirror.
The eyes they were not mine.
They were hers.

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