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Friday, April 24, 2009


Dim lights around us when we woke up that night.
We had slept for a while and I remember you smiling when you saw me.
You looked brilliant dear.
The room was rather cool and I remember lying there with you.
I then left you to go out.
Thought I'd get some food for the two of us.
I remember feeling awfully light that night.
When I walked to the kitchen and made a pack of popcorn.
I can hear the bell when the popcorn was done - that is when I realised that I had been smiling the entire time.
It was nice that night when we spoke little.
I turned around with the food to see you standing an awkward pose.
Sitting at the dinner table and reflecting on the years gone by.
The times we got to know each other.
The long drives, the quiet meets.
The food gobbling sessions.
The lost eyes, the mischievous pranks.
Those foolish jokes and the secret fears.
We smiled remembering the times that had passed us by.
It was a moonless night and the city was silent.
A few lights down below and there we were.
A couple at the balcony holding each other gently
And looking at the world from afar.
Still remember playing with your hair
And leaning across to kiss you.
A few of our friends are going to be home tomorrow.
Bunch of oldies bringing forth memories.
And praising you.
I believe everybody misses you because you were a nice person.
You were never extraordinary to all.
Only to me I believe.
Just writing this because I felt like writing to you.
Wanted to let you know that I felt your hand touch mine just a while ago.
That you were here right now
You still have not quit playing games with me have you?
I will get you one day you foolish child!
Till then - remember that I think of you.

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