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Saturday, April 11, 2009


I saw the lights,

The people walking by,

The crying in the air

The screams flowing everywhere . . .

A face looked at me now

It was glowing in the dark

Thats when I said to her

Well hey,

I just need something to hold on to

So come with me away

And stand with me all day.

You make me feel like yours,

And you make me want to shout,

This is the moment

Yeah this is the moment that I – wish to see

Where I can love myself.

I went to run away

The soaring building there

The colossal window pane

The ants walking below

The shoulders dragging me down

The weary eyes, the hungry self

And the days' memories gone by . .

And thts wen I said to myself…..

I just need something….

To hold on to. . .

I reached home late at night

The food there it was cold

I did not want to sleep

Coz I felt so all alone

I switched on my player

That's when the music filled my mind

And drove the pain away

The pain that said to me

Hey – you got nothing at all

And I wonder why you still here

Thats wen I realized that all I want is this

Something to hold on to . . .

So out I brought my car

The drive it started then

I knew not where the road was headed

But I kept moving on

The buildings passing by

Society left behind

The road then ended there

And I got off from my car

Approached a near cliff

I saw the room below

The jump dfid not take long

And I went soaring through the sky

My arms held far apart

I think that was when I died

I remember

That was when I died

I gave up that day

Coz I realized

That I had nothing left to hold on to

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