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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Man Love

I looked into his eyes and I saw the sea of colours
I saw the light messing with how they appeared that morning.
I saw the innocent eyes that just wanted to quit all.
I also saw the scared eyes that belonged in a cocoon.
Another thing was - the beauty of the adventure that the eyes wanted to unleash.
I could imagine him as a kid - jovial and adventurous,
With a want to conquer all that lay ahead.
The multitude of what could have been his.
He was beautiful I must say.
His face was bearded but clean.
There were spots but something about his face was brilliant and sexy.
His eyes were dark but focused.
You could see him lose himself and dance around.
The way he carried himself was also intriguing because few people I know carried themselves that way.
May be that is when I realised that I loved him.
He stood for all that could have given me solace.
I found it funny that I was in love with a guy.
I always thought that I liked women.
But this guy made me feel different you see.
I would sit for hours at a stretch and hear him talk.
He would say the most atrocious things.
He had a wild imagination - and I found that nice.
Well - because I have been the adhering types.
I always followed the laws that were set.
I dressed as deemed correct.
I spoke and behaved like the other.
He on the other hand was wild.
Sometimes inside his head - because he knew he could not be a creature who would shock others.
Let those vile creatures be - he would say.
He said that - well, they deserve a life of their own.
The way they seem fit.
All that he had was inside his precious little head.
Closed to everyone.
And partially open to me.
He was destined or rather decided to be alone forever.
And I was all he had.
May be I was just a puppet.
A piece of entertainment for him
A way to release his art.
But I was Ok with it.
I just loved him.
One day I ran my hand across his face and I realised why I loved him that much.
It was because he was stone.

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