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Monday, April 6, 2009


It was a year ago that you came to me. When I spent time with Tirath, that is when you came to me. And I remember the moment as pure ecstasy - pure disbelief. I felt for once that all had been solved. And just now - JUST NOW - it occurred to me that what you were is what you are now. And you are still wonderful. You still make me smile. But I cannot decipher where all the confusion began. May be it was in your pursuit that I forgot the eventual goal. May be I became too preoccupied with the future that I forgot the present. Somewhere along evolution - branches erupted and these branches were . . . how can I say it? - Vicious.

One was the death bed.
One was consciousness.
One was family.
One was sloth.
One was ego.
One was pride.
One was my smile.
One was society.
One was my death bed.
One was detachment.

I believe that 'was' may be replaced by 'is'.

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