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Sunday, April 19, 2009

A new View

You pass a moment when all needs to be imbibed
Come ye all and smell me dearly
You say you do not care
But you wish someone knew you just a bit more clearly

There comes a time when all you want is a flight
A shot and a puff
Seems all forgotten eh?
But let me tell you laddie - it will never be enough

The broken bones and the wicked mind
They seem to control your very nature
Aaah - yes! this is what life should be in all its entirety
The nakedness and the dystopia - they create a foul creature

You pass a long forgotten path and come up on a ghastly being
Hold my hand love and off we will go
The sunset, it seemeth so majestic kind sir
But all that lie ahead are the potholes, the pits and a lonesome black low

You latch on to this newly discovered brilliance
That lifts your very soul away
You can feel the wings and the halo and the cushion surrounding you
But have you ever heard of cinema, animation, figments of your imagination - all that never hold what you suppose they may

The pursuit of happyness and power and pride and pleasure.
The concept of hedonism and spirituality and sloth and achievement
All to be unfounded and burned and upturned and torn
For behold kind listener - you are but a slave to society and adherence and belief and enlightenment.

You will not survive too long love
It does not deserve you
You do not deserve it
Death is all that holds any clue
To what may lie ahead in the dreary darkness of a bleak future
Escape it all and tear your mind apart and relish a new view

Relish a new view.

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