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Sunday, March 22, 2009


There we sat facing each other.
There was not much to talk about.
But we kept talking nonetheless.
Both of us were sulking at times.
Sometimes we were jubilant.
At times we were nostalgic.
At times we turned red laughing so hard and clutching our stomachs.
We sat silently at times.
There was no awkwardness.
I would hear that person speak ceaselessly.
There we sat together.
Looking away or looking at each other.
Too shy to say that we loved each other.
May be we never needed to say it.
And there was nothing to make out of that love.
It was just there.
And I believe both of us were enjoying it.
Innocent - somewhat.
I remember my want to cry in front of that person.
I remember the long walks.
The want to stay shut and not sleep the night.
The problem is that it all ends.
But is that the real problem my friend?
I believe it could be for the best.
Or may be I just like saying that.
I wonder if I will be able to tolerate you if I meet you everyday.
Or if I were to talk to you everyday.
It is a bell curve may be.
Mean reverting.
The highs last longer in your memory than the lows which are in fact longer.
Kay sera sera.
It will all end one day.
But I hope that it at least begins before it has a chance to end.

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