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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Round Round

I was facing a black sky and a dark sea. I ran to the water and started floating towards a light on the horizon. Swift strokes and soon I was tired. The light was not moving so I felt better. It felt good that I was not pursuing a moving target. I heard a sound towards my left but I could not bear to turn my head an see what was approaching me. I did not have the strength. I was waiting for something that I could rest my body on - when the being approached me. She came alongside me and I regained my strength by resting on her. I told her that she need not accompany me. I started swimming again after thanking her. The light was getting closer. And I was happy that I was near it. I was swimming alone but so I thought . . . She had followed me - and I don't know why. May be even she wanted to see the light. When I got within touching distance of the light I could not believe it. There was no light! I felt frustrated. I turned around and saw the shoreline lit up like a sunny day. I smiled. The light on the horizon was only a mirror.

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