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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kwa shuns

They really make me laugh - out of bewilderment. Most of their comments make me say 'So?' - sadly only in my head. Because I really wonder HOW DOES IT MATTER!!?? This path that I am treading on is really scary because it is headed into the wild. Somewhere along my path I am bound to stumble onto society. Simply because I am too vulnerable and very weak. It is only in my head that I enjoy my delusions. They belong to me only. The time that I let it out is only while blogging, writing in my diary or laughing without a reason. May be even when I speak to certain special friends who I believe are slightly enlightened or have the capacity to endure my nonsense.
It does make me feel proud at time actually whenever I see myself from the outside - because I get to see all that I may be capable of. It may not be a lot but at least it will be a life well lived. Or so I believe.
Family, connections and society lead to responsibilies and forecasts. A set way. An organised path. Is it a sin to brake away? Or is it a sin to break away?
The road is long.
And there is no pitstop.
No company
No love.
Man has learnt to derive happiness and purpose fundamentally on the basis of society.
I ask not for money, fame, power, love; all I ask for is the truth. (This sentence is not my creation)
Well said - but hardly practical.
Then again, the realm of practicality lies with one's environment.
Onwards I go.
White ahead of me.
Dark behind me.
Vastness around me.
Fauna at the distance.
Tired are my legs.
Weary is my head.
I leave it all behind.
I leave it all.
For I long to go,
To a land where I belong.
To where I was born to die.
I go into the wild.
Life ceases.
Life erupts.
Rebirth and naked.
Vulnerable and scared.
Joyous and delusional.
I go into the wild.

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