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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stop Sign

The mind longs to feel your breath.
I see it coming over me.
The funny thing is there is no stopping this.
I see the sky clearly.
I see that everyone is smiling.
I believe that all shall be good one day.
And I believe that I shall cry soon.
But the funny thing is there is no stopping this.
I long to sleep beside you.
And know that all is calm.
To believe that the pain shall ebb.
And that one day I will sleep at peace.
But for now - I burn.
Today I suffer and today I whine.
I am alone is all that I can say.
The discomfort shall grow and I will cry soon you see.
But the funny thing is . . .
Yeah - you know it.
There's no stopping this.
It is how life is meant to be methinks.
Where living seems lighter with minds closed.
Where the grass is green on both sides.
Where everyday is a new start.
And every feel you feel is a fresh feel.
I smell the hair and I see the smile.
I see you sleeping like a dirty rock.
For now I don't sleep.
I lost my hunger
I lost my joy and I lost my goals.
All when you clouded my paths.
I still shiver in the cold
When I see that I am alone.
That there is no further road.
But your smell comes to me.
I know not from where.
And then I say that there's no stopping this.

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