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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The window shuts

The chisel and the board.
They fight when there is no one there.
I hear the roar of the machines - how they work day and night.
Tirelessly - to feed a race of morons.
I see the lights and I see the slabs.
I see the joy in their eyes.
Their puny thoughts
Their wonderful ignorance
Their joy in consumption.
Their idea of a party.
The need for friends.
The need to do the cool things.
A barbecue in the middle of the night - Why?
Because the weather is good.
Does it make sense.
Of course it does - it is the correct thing to do.
It makes sense to enjoy life.
Spend what is earned.
Spend even more that what is earned.
The notion of happiness transcends cultures.
A jog in the evening can make a person smile.
So can kicking a dog.
A chat with a friend can make a person jump.
So can a football match in the company of morons and beer.
The glass, the lights, the thoughts, the beliefs, the layers, the showcases, the walkways, the streetlights, the laws, the rules, the norms, the concerns, the right, the wrong.

I shiver in the dark because I am all alone.
I wait for someone to hold me and tell me to switch off.
Is it you out there?
Begone foul thought -
All you do is cloud my friend.
Begone I say because the enemies that he sees before him are but puppets.
All he needs it me you see.
I say to you - O darkness.
You shall not come near my friend.
I hold him dear.
He is insane.
He loses his mind at times.
All he needs is sleep.
All he craves is knowledge.
The light.
The peace.
The death.

But -
O; so that is why you want him don't you O Darkness.
You believe he is yours?

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