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Sunday, May 3, 2009

A crooked smile

An inexplicable smile adorns his face.
It is brilliant and dark.
Feels lonely with a lone smile.
Depression abounds and subsides
Just to let a ray of light in
To shore up the empty chest
Shooting stars they drop from the sky
And tell him there is hope yet
Belief is sad
Belief is naked
Belief is joy
He shall sleep again he believes
And rest his weary body
Because a smile has coloured his dark face.
There is hope in life still
Because the naughty smile makes his eyes weep
Something childish in the way he saw his fingers scatter the light
Something juvenile in how he proclaimed conquest of this wild world
Something dreadful about how he thought the things he thought.
He was brilliant that man.
Shooting stars they fell from the sky
To light up the dark
To mock the moon
Fingers smothered the tails
And a smile changed his face
His hand was clenched
His hand was open
He smiled at his thoughts and how they made the world obey

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