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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Sun, The Stars and The Boy

The sun shone brightly at high noon.
A small kid stood naked to the skin staring up at the yellow.
"Why do you shine O mighty yellow?"
"Why do you give hope when all I have are my skin and bones?"
"Who are you to throw light when not a morsel enters my mouth, when just a few drops go down my throat?"
Disgusted and appalled at the ego that the sun held - the kid wandered off into the jungle.
In the midst of the the thick brown he sat and ate the fruits.
Alone and shattered - the boy wondered what his purpose was.
He had it all once upon a time.
But he left it all.
So disenchanted was he that the had no hook to hold on with.
He left all to come and stand naked under the sun.
He would cry too much and hope for too much.

That particular day, he slept till the night came up.
He yawned and jumped to see the stars of the night.
So brilliant they seemed - alone and scattered - but all the same.
Like a great family that served no purpose other than to fulfil a collective need; to suffice other beings.
The little boy jumped up and down for a light held him that moment.
He jumped up and down and grew tired.

He spoke to the stars, "You give so much, and want nothing for yourself."
"I believe I love you - but you shall also leave me"
"I do not like it that you are so far away."
"Come closer and spend your life with me"

The next morning the wicked sun came up to the boy
"I am sorry to have hurt you yesterday - but the truth is; I was the star you spoke to last night and I am the sun you speak to right now."
"I change everyday to suit people's wishes."
"I am not yours to hold"
"I belong only to me"

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