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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Restless beauty

Her body shakes and she has visions.
She cannot rest for she longs for sleep.
Something erupts inside her chest and the roar is deafening.
She cannot bear it any longer.
She needs to loosen up and withdraw support.
She falls off the height of the scraper
Into the barren land below.
The people passing by see her floating past them.
Her naked body looks magical
But tears flow down her cheeks
Visible to none.
She bellows into the air
She cries for help
But there is no one whatsoever
Everyone has someone more important than her.
She wonders why she has no one.
She realises that she was the one who was too aloof.
Seeing life
And laughing at what was ordinary.
She lived alone to die alone.
All along there was someone longing to know her
But she paid no heed.
Her chest erupted
Out came the black blood.
With all the hatred burnt inside her.
Stored - not to be unleashed upon the timid world
She was beautiful that night on her bed.
Her restless body
All the while trying to sleep.
She slept yes
But too late she found sleep
She never saw dreams at night.
She would wake up in sobs

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