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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A strange encounter of the love kind

I saw the black sails as they came ashore; carrying the beacon of all that could annihilate. A form crept out and dragged its many feet across the blue sand to stand in front of me. There it stood - the colossal being with its saliva and sweat pouring on me like rain. A shadow that hid all light. I saw in its eyes the dirt that had accumulated over the past many years. With its large puffy hands it groped to catch hold of me. The ignorant fool that I was - I offered no resistance. I felt the air leave my body and I felt my limbs go numb. I could sense the throbbing of my brain so precisely that I knew each nerve ending. All that had passed - I could see now before me. All that lay forth I could predict with distinction. I heard its heavy steps as it took me through the sand that wanted us engulfed inside. It took me across and threw me onto the wretched ship. I gathered myself and put forth my hand - shaking and shivering with the adrenaline bursting through my vessels. She grabbed my hand and it seemed softer now. I pulled her from the sand from where she emerged glowing in white. Her hair glistened in the sun and her cheeks shone brighter than the galaxy that surrounded us. I held her in my arms and looked at the elegant ship and the comforts it offered. She opened her eyes and saw me there. She cried for help and I stood horrified. Tears running down her cheeks and her body swaying without support. I fell from the ship and died on my way to the ocean floor. Rumour has it that the being had sand in her eyes and brain that clouded her thoughts. She saw something that was not there. She felt something that was not there. She failed to see me as I stood there.

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