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Monday, June 1, 2009

Run through the jungle

I see the skies through the rectangular windows.
We believe that what lies beyond is real.
But how can one believe that?
What if it is actually an advanced imaging unknown to the human race?
What if we are controlled rabbits inside a maze?
Will you ever know?
When I see the classroom writing in unison and obeying instructions,
I see a mad world.
What is insanity?
And what is detachment?
Will we ever know?
The wrong path, the right path, the left path?
I see a man yawning because he is tired of studying.
I see a pair playing catch on the green outside.
Somethings look picture perfect.
May be better than a picture.
Why do humans like relationships?
Why are humans scared of the unknown?
What is it that is worthy to be afraid of?
I shall never know.
I see the need to drive in one's own car.
I see the need for sexual pleasures.
I see a need for excellence and being distinctive.
I see a herd.
I see a need to call a bird flying in the sky, beautiful.
If you stare at the clouds long enough - you realise how vast they are.
If you look at a book of astronomy and if you believe what you see,
You feel minute.
If you believe that time is immeasurable, and that reality is a belief,
The possibilities are endless.
Decorum, cleanliness, water from a bottle, food from a plate, lights aligned correctly, house with walls, artificial temperatures, connectivity to others of our kind.
I say -- worship the Roarks and the Supertramps.
Because we will never be then.
One thing I crave right now is to fly from a skyscraper,
Another is to jump into the ocean.
Another is to get lost in a forest.
Another is to feel raw pain without the option of relieving myself of it.
When confronted with no option.
That is when the ends of the bell curve are tested.
That is how the tails are fatter.
I grow tired of living upto your ambitions.
All I need is death.
Death and all my friends.
All I need is a bed.
A bed and warm food.
In a house of love where all that one can see is nothing.
A dark night in the company of beauty.
The sky above and mankind far away.
Thoughts far away.
Possessions far away.

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Rohan Sura said...

doesnt this belong on tirus khadda?