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Monday, June 15, 2009


The bricks are lined up to form a structure that supports stupidity. I find it appalling because, well, it is. I do not understand the farce of the structure. Or even all that it is supposed to stand for. I do not like people. They stand in a line. They talk to each other. They act surprised. They walk in a group - lost in their own thoughts. Pretending to love. Pretending to trust. Wielding their sticks. Ready for combat. Jumping to their destination. Jumping to their origins. Believing that there is a higher power. Believing in a greater truth.
I just dont buy it you know. I know you do not get me - you are pretty stupid yourself with your 6 eyes and your swinging arms.

Go back into the abyss. The dark beckons.
The creations they fall into the ground.
The rubble gathers as the scavengers approach.
The fight begins and the first victims are marked.
The blood is in the air.
the beauty is in the eyes.
The victorious cry foul.
And the injured lie in the dust.
To be trampled over.
But I said to them - as I stood above.
Who did win?
There was silence as they looked around.
I believed that nobody won.
I believed that they all died that day.
They cried and they screamt.
Out came the liquor to drown their miseries.
There was no light where they saw.
No ground where they stood.
No platform to count a scale.
The light shone above as the moon approached the earth.
And there descended a proud creature.
They knew not why but they knelt then.
The creature screamed and bellowed.
A melody it was.
A rainbow they saw.
The rain it fell.
They did not fight the rain.
They drowned that night.
Not a sound was heard.
Not a scream remains.
All is lost.

All shall fade.

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