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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Travelling through words

Laugh away - for you are ignorant.
Smile cause you are blessed.
I do not know where the sun will rise tomorrow.
It may not be visible at times.
Sometimes I do not know where I sleep.
Sometimes I do not know where people think.
People walk and people talk.
They smile and they rejoice.
The belief is all that people possess.
There is nothing out there I know.
Talk and talk.
And one day you shall rest.
One day you will smile.
For you believe that one that it will end.
Dread that day cause that is all that you are programmed to do.
There is nothing that you are really capable of.
A belief is all you have.
The ones who let go I see flying each day.
I see them flying.
There is a known belief of knowledge.
Of success.
And I don't know how people die.
Death is a light.
A light that beckons us.
I do not care what it leads to.
It is absolute methinks.
Absolute is absolute truth.
The truth is not belief.
The words are just jumbled.
Incoherence is absolute.
Meanings are formed.
Beliefs follow.
Complacence is desired.
Death is desired.
Sleep is far away.
The road is long.
And the road is crooked.
The road is black and
All shall fade

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