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Monday, June 29, 2009

Hollow Spaces

She calls out to me each night.
Just before I fall asleep.
I can hear her
And I know she is with me
But tonight I am alone.
It is for the best
I say to myself
As I look out the window
To the vast spaces before me
To the hordes below me
I hole myself together and pacify myself.
All shall end soon
There shall be something else to cry about each night
Do not worry that everything will be fine.
Nothing is ever ok
There is always something to new to worry about.
I am sure you know that.
You are pretty enlightened yourself.
The grass always seems green and for a reason.
Not all the dimensions are always visible.
Each is flawed.
All is flawed.
I for one am alone.
And I need a hold.
I need an anchor

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