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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Flight

There he drifted through the green layers
Strolling away and looking at none.
I said to him - O kind sir, spare a minute for this stranger kind sir.
He looked at me in disgust and asked me
"Why should I even think of a lowly creature as you?"
I said to him, " O - I know not why kind sir . . . May be I love you because of who you are. "

"But how do you know who I am?"

" O - I know you kind sir - you are the one who strolls in these gardens every night.
You look not like any other human I always see. You move like you are free. It is a trait not well seen anywhere I must say. "

" But what's so great about that you stupid kid? "

" Well, you see - and this is the truth - I aspire to be you one day.
Nothing related to what you may have achieved.
Rather, these plain 15 minutes when you walk the grass and sit in the rain.
The time when you sit alone next to that statue.
When you mumble to yourself and remember a pleasant time.
When you smile and you gaze. "

" Wow, you have been stalking me for quite a while haven't you? "

" Yes kind sir.
It has been long. "

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