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Sunday, December 6, 2009


Here I stand as I see my dreams and I light up the dark
Rainbows I hold and my eyes stay black
People walk hand in hand and they curve away
Aeroplanes and elephants with skirts drawn up tight
Beautiful white and sky high water;
Splashing about and naked mermaids
Buff bodies and puffed up fish
This is all I see and this where I want to be
Jokers laugh and mourners cry
People come and go on by
I keep telling myself that nothing is constant and nothing will be held
The cold air hurts me and my hollow heart aches
For things go on by and time flies past
Lovers lie on each other and talk while laughing
Lovers walk together, silent and quarreling...
Spiked hair and straightened hair

This is how I pass my time as I stare out of my window
I see animals walking together going into the sunset
I see them scared and alive

Take support my love for you are weak
Everything seems hazy and there is nobody near you
I know that pretty clearly for I have spoke to you
I believe I know you well but it confuses me still
It confuses me when you wear that white dress and that crooked smile
But I will say to myself that I know you.
That's that.
Naked trees await on a barren land.
Ash and a pot - and that is all that is left of me.

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