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Friday, December 11, 2009


I'm holding my head as I remove this love. Bear with me for a few more weeks. Let me control you for a few more months and I will let you know. I wear a fancy jacket and tap dance to you. Standing there with your awkward posture, you shake your head and smile. Smiling fool! It's ok I say, may be she understands. I come closer and you move away. I run up and hold you to tell you I care. No other words could well describe how I feel. You spit on my face and I wiped it off. That's how shameless I've become. You smile and say OK. Then you say get lost. I start laughing because I know how insane you are. You say you have someone else. I grow sad. And you take his name. His name was one of my nicknames. Funny joke I say! And so I slap you. You cry and say that you are hungry. You want to have some sizzlers. I say Yoko's and you say Kobe's. I say watevs!!
And so you drive and I mess with you. You grow annoyed and slap me. Aah. All ok I say. Leaning over, and I kiss you. You slap me again. I laugh. Your turn now, you try to kiss me, and bang into the car next to yours. Well, almost. We reach the place and I ask you to wait. For I have to say what I have to say. I start my story about when I started liking you and all the BS I went through to try and get to know you. You tell me of all the times that you had flirted with me and I was too dumb to understand that. We breathe a deep sigh and decide to eat something else inside your stupid car. Too much effort to go out and face the world. Annoying humans.

So here we are.
Sitting in your car.
Facing the waves.
A light breeze touches you.
I feel like burping but I hold it back.
Would spoil the pleasant moment.
Naah, I let it out.
You laugh and tell me that that is precisely why you like me.
The smell of my burp?
No!! Your stupidity.
We sit alone and stare at the waves.
Feeling at peace.
And giggling inside our puny hearts.

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