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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We lose sleep over trivial matters, in pursuit of crazy dreams. I have never been this before and hope not to be this again. There were times I remember and those times were peaceful. I do know that times will be peaceful once again, but not for sometime. There is no sense in what happens sometimes and may be you should be happy that you went through this; after all, this is what makes one's life complete isn't it? Things are never as opaque as they seem to be, we just make them to be... I may never have been certain as I am now and that is scary. I need to focus on building the stories, but somewhere, I am choosing not to. Answers always come by and they are hard to digest. But the stomach does what it does best. Remember, you need to take care of yourself because nothing is worth losing yourself to... I still look at the man in a cottage on the top of a hill and I see in him, all that humans aspire to be. Humans always want freedom from bondage and humans always want different things. That is the irony of the soft bed. There is never anybody sleeping in it...

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