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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Backing off

I'm just thinking too much about this progress and what if I back off...Nothing goes anywhere and all I hear everytime are convoluted statements together with this hope and these expectations. I theorize and I fall on my face because it scares me. Yeah, I think I just might go ahead with these decisions, for life is all about taking chances and being a pretty donkey - obeying your heart's commands and listening to your brain. She held my hand and I held a rock. Buildings were drawn and people were labeled. Long lines and static intelligence. Why are we this way? We are hurt too easily and we dream too childishly. I hold a book now and it stares right back at me. It says to me that I am not worthy of it. Stupid book. Hearts throbbing and deep breaths. Faulty english and trained masseurs. Relief shall be found as people fart and the stench is taken in. I might back off if I see that things are not going where they ought to and if I see myself as not worthy or focused enough for craze. Peace. Give me that. Pieces. Give me those.

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