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Sunday, December 27, 2009


That punch hurt when he told me that he doesn't need me.
'Tis the same thing that she said to me.
Weary eyed I clung on to that rope.
And pulled myself up only to fall down into the dust.
Nobody owes me anything and
Nobody means anything to me
I shall always be the second choice
Unless I take control and change priorities
So I lifted the boulder
I now walk with it and at times run
Shielded and veiled with red drapes
Protecting that stone and cracked feet hurt...
An outlet it is and the agony tears my vessels
Tears through my vessels
Splashing about as I tried naked
People moved away and things moved closer
I remember thinking that I had always had things
Funny how we never care about what we have
I thought this as I broke glass with my right fist
Seems a blur
This is what I had left and run away from
This is what I am leaving and running away from
Three hours without talking

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