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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eyeless in the morning sun

I am flapping as hard as I can but I see no way through these broken shards.
The horizon is circular and I see a kite fly past
I lunged to grab it but it was made of silk
There goes my saviour and I cried away
I am ignoring this situation and the joy that it could bring me
There are no difficult decisions, only simple choices.
Most have been made but the loci of control do not allow peace.
I fear a lost connection and I fear having to walk alone.
There are concrete slabs and there is blood on the tar
Two bums were mating with each other and it wasn't a pleasant sight.
I got by and I saw the silken kite.
The peacock held it now and the peacock was dancing to the waving kite.
Dry leaves on the ground and crazy sparrows chirped away.
Whistling girl walked by
And my eyes faded away

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