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Sunday, November 15, 2009

My train ride

The train came up, speeding as it always does...
It stopped before me and motioned to me " Hop aboard !"
I said "OK"
The train was going back to where I belonged...
I thought to myself whether there was anything I was going back to...

May be the dark volcanoes, may be the bright skies, may be the tender arms and may be the brilliant smile.
I leave behind, the far meadows, the lonely house, the naked bed, the rat and the toil.
What shall change?

My independence and my focus.
May be it will give me a slightly different perspective and I may come back, a changed man.
One thing is bound to change - and that is the equation that has persisted for so long.

I sleep in the train now and I remember all that I want to achieve.
I also see that there is nothing great in what I want to achieve.
Most probably, the crux of the entire 'achievement' story is:

Enough to live comfortably with my witch.
Enough to look into the eyes of the man in the mirror and say:
"So I am capable; Bah!!"
Develop some pride in the haystack that I create.
Go home to my dirty witch with her ragged hair and foul breath and say:
"You are fantastic, you witch!!! Let's go for brunch tomorrow"

The fires and the pits that the train now passes, reminds me of the days gone by when there were people huddled around the master waiting for his command and doing such to earn what. Doing such because life home was valued more than the life in the volcanic mine where lava was transformed to earth.

The monster always cried foul when one of its slaves seemed tired, lazy, reluctant or impotent. The monster never understood that humans shall always cry. The monster never understood that his cave was empty and that his earth was of no great use. Yes, he wanted his own piece of land - and so he had achieved. But his battle was singular now and his victory was partially shared. The monster cried each night when he sat with himself. The monster became numb. The monster was human after all.

All of a sudden, the bridge gave way and the crystalline water below came nearer to mine eyes. I was drunk and I was senile, I tried to fly away but my wings did not spring out. I cried, for I wanted to kiss the witch one last time. Alas, the witch would never know. The three little pigs would never know. The 3 member bear family would never know. I would never know.
"There goes a life un-lived!! There goes an illusion!!!
There passes an eccentric goblin!!! There we see a nuisance to mankind!!!"

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