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Sunday, October 5, 2008

North Korea

I was reading the Economist the other day. There was an article on North Korea.
Supposedly there was a famine between 1995 - 98 - and approx. 1million people died.
Any number above 4 - is just a number. If it is 3 or less - - then people are astonished.
"Did you know x, y & z died this way?"
"OMG! How awful !!! :-( "
Well it is pretty hilarious - this behaviour by humans.
Anyways; my point is - why do people in North Korea even have the will to live?
Famine + rape + torture + hunger + poverty + execution + no option + full stop
So what do they really look forward to?
My hunch: 
Death is a supposed evil - and suicide is being the devil
"You are not the rightful owner of your life - so you are not a decision maker?"
Most probably I am wrong.

Then again; why do most humans decide to live?
If there is nothing concrete to look forward to.
Poor; irritated; frustrated; physically challeneged; intellectually incapable; family pressures; societal pressures.
Ask yourself : "What do I want to attain from this life?"
Is it the road that matters? - will the road be enjoyable or adventurous - such that I would look forward to it?
Is the destination worth the bitchy road?

There are a lot of people who live for a reason - they wont say it - and I understand that it makes sense.
But most people do not even think about why they are alive.
Or why they are going through what they are going
Or why they are travelling the road.
The "WHY" is missing.

Humans are very amusing creatures.
I laugh everyday just thinking of them.

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ishan said...

im lovin it:) keep writn..