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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Standard Deviation

The question asked is : "What if?"
Kill it.
Cry in front of the person you want to.
Flap your hands in public and be a kid.
Just say "I like you" - if you feel like.
Just say "May be, may be not, may be fuck you" - and go on your path.
Do not sit back if you want to be restless.
If you prefer sanyaas to monotony and luxury - go for it.
If you prefer stupidity to sanyaas - start crying.
The moment your vision is skewed; the possibility of a normal life is remote.
You cannot understand how some people are just so stupid.
And how topics of absolute irrelavance are discussed.
How the external loci affects the internal.
The Skew will grow.
And one fine day you accept that your existence is a nightmare.
Death just might be better.
May be the skew qualifies as a reason for euthanasia.
If you like the Bentley - see nothing else.
If you like your partner - don't fool around and confuse yourself with infidelity.
If you like your house - don't disturb your home.
If you like someone - blurt.
Wanna shout? Scream till your ears hurt.
Don't regret a : " What if? "
If you do - your existence has been a waste.

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