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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Mr. Raj wants names of establishments in Marathi - hahahahaha
Momooota ji wants no nano - therefore Tata said aavjo n went to gujju dhandho land
Stupid people do not want SEZ - I wonder why - ( they have NOT been influenced by local gundaas or politicians. NO WAY )
So called 'investors' in the market blame promoters, regulators, traders, brokerages - but not their own stupid selves for wanting to use the stock exchange as a means to gamble.
Mr. Raj also wants certain hardworking immigrants to leave so that lazy people can replace them.
How smart!!! - -  why did I not think of that!!!
And there, in some rural area - 2 bafoons wear some orange things on their heads and pretend to shoot arrows.
No organised retail because we do not want an efficient supply chain; we do not want maximum benefit going to farmers, we do not want cheaper prices, we do not want better quality, we do not want ancillary sectors like logistics, warehousing, transport and service industries to flourish.
We do not want more jobs, better paying jobs, technological progress, ancillary establishments, better standards of living - so let's postpone the Nano project and remove those idiots.
Who do they think they are? As if we will let them bring progress to our impoverished society.

I said hello to a Bentley that belonged to the govt. of Karnataka just a year ago.
Alas - That car must have become too old for the fat slobs inside.
I also said hello to palacial bungalows that belong to politicians (believe me; they are really small!!! - I wonder how they survive!!!!!!)

O and let us not forget to litter anywhere we go.
This is my country and it is my birth right to dirty it as I please.
O please let me bribe the traffic guy - I am running late
O please let me spit out of my window (not my fault; it is the damn gutka's fault.)

But let me feel proud when I see the national flag.
Let me rejoice on hearing the national anthem before I see a movie.
Let me abuse the - smart - politicians who cannot control inflation and cannot support the stock market.

Allow me to sleep and dream of a better society.

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