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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The confusion awaits the reader.

Mediocre makes me frown.
Goli makes me laugh.
Merry-go-rounds make me throw up with disgust.
Irrelevance makes my eyes bulge out.
Praise is a wall
Anger is not warranted.
Frustration commands respect.
Aloof I kiss.
Zipped I adore.
Action I bow to.
Mediocre makes me angry (Fooling myself eh?).
Laze laze and laze - I respect such.
Tire tire and kill - I respect such.
The blunt at the bottom of a pencil without graphite is the fountainhead.
The sharp corners turn evenly smooth.
The roar of an engine on a silent night through a secluded road is exotic.
The meet of 2 unknowns is erotic.
The scream through a fall is overshadowed by the thud.
The waves warm a lifeless soul.
The valley is a cradle.
The ice shelves beckon.
The ice shelves beckon.
The off white whispers a word of love.
The aurora australis enchants.
The bulging eyes scare the mediocre.
The 2 cans atop a snow capped creation belong together.
There they rest.

1 comment:

ishan said...

u impress me every day! wish i had time to write..