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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just another day inside the Matrix

Why don't you just fall off the cliff that rises 2 feet below the sea shore?
Why not just close all your eyes and stare at a beautiful cockroach?
Why do you need to walk back home after a long tiring day? -
Go home and fight with your spouse -
Worry about the 50 rupee note that you cannot find -
Worry about your child's future -
Worry about your retirement plan -
Vomit everyday that you go to office -
Curse every fucking soul on the street -
Be a fan of the masses -
Be a speculator and an astrologer -
Why do you need to sleep - if all you do is wake up ?
Why do you eat when all you do is take it out ?
Why do you live when all you will attain is death ?
Because death has a lot of friends.
They all walk together.
They appear as random movements to the ignorant eye.
But they all travel blindly - in opposite directions - towards the same eventuality.
Iconoclasts are frowned upon.
Hedonists are absent and/or stoned.
I saw a fish the other day that jumped up from the sea and gobbled me down.
The fish did not smell that good.
But the couple that was cuddling and kissing on 1 side juxtaposed with another quarreling smelt much worse.
The rambling and the nuisance -
The frowning and the grumbling -
The crying and the pain -
All narrowed down to a memento
All came upon a small little fight club

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