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Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Beach Dance by Night

I saw this guy on the beach; he looked as though he had come for a jog.
He had his arms wide open and he was an airplane.
He was walking / jogging in a zig zag way.
First a walk; then a turn by about 90 degrees and then a jog.
After a while he would get tired and would stop.
He seemed eccentric, may be even insane.
I always kept a fair distance.
Luckily it was night and he could not see me.
What was hilarious was the fact that he kept disturbing couples - unintentionally.
Then he would jump on the spot; not as one does while skipping rope but rather, as a kid.
He would occasionally twirl on the spot, but run at the same time.
As if he was in a trance.
After a while a couple of girls passed him and they started laughing at him.
I believe he said: " Fokkhin' Fokhh Fokkhhh"
He seemed oblivious to his surroundings - admirable indeed.
Then I had to stop, because all of a sudden he stopped and was staring at the sea.
Hands in pocket.
Lazy types - but confident to the brim.
He jumped again and again, and laughed
He said: "Fokkhin' Fokkkhh Yewww"
He turned sharply and stared at himself in the eye and said:
"This is you!"

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shaanebhai said...

did u do that?? seriously!