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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It is twilight and the crowds amass.
They scream for a light to show its body.
The light says: "NO! You do not deserve me!"
They cry and they moan. They hug each other.
The light stands before them - naked - for all.
It blinds the ignorant and fuels the engines.
They then scream together: "Long live the flame! Long live the shine!"
"I am the guide; I am the way, I am the one; it is me you shall obey!"

A voice rings out from amidst the dead.
The man is wearing but only a rag.
"I need no one. I am all pure. I need only my love to stand by my side. I need no one. I have it all.
The end is at hand. Drown in you blood you fools! Die right now!"
The love of his life stands beside him - radiant with pride.

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shaanebhai said...

by theway abt that north korea thingy.. the govt there wud rather let pl shrivel up and die than beg some1