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Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Stupid Beckon

There is no dearth of the stupid -
The hollow voices and the hollow thoughts.
I can hear the noise everyday
The inconsequential is painful - the search for meaning shall be finite one day.
The reason to survive is challenged each day by the morons who pass me by.
I hold myself in high stead and I believe that things are possible my love.
It was a fight that was fought just today - and I got hurt.
May be the wound shall heal in 2-4 months
Or may be I will be scarred for life.
Either way, there is a party which has to be enjoyed.
The merry shall dance - and the moaners shall weep.
I shall stay in the middle
Because I see myself falling down everyday, and I see my joints rust.
It is slow and painful and every time that you pass me by, you give me a bit of you.
When you do that I give you a bit of me.
Thus, the energy wanes
The internal is lost to the external and the dull become the dull.
The brightness fades and the light dims.
You make me cry
I am stupid.
I am a loser
I am obsolete.
I love you.

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