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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Latent Talent

No kutte - this is not a word jumble - - yucky yucky yuck!!
This refers to the fact that those who are dead are not dead.
They are alive and kicking and rotting inside the flesh and the exterior
Blah - dulllllllllllllll
Kids are taught to memorise!!! and learn!!!! and vomit!!
This is right!!!
That is wrong!!!
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo - - - - kiddoo!!! you are not smart enough
You are dumb.
Dum Dum (not digga digga)
In the process the P.E. keeps accumalating to give a rich tasty dividend in the end.
Well; that is the purpose of the P.E.
But even that - is not allowed to metatmorphose into K.E. 
Dum Dum world!! - shame on you!

Imagine the number of R.G.Rs waiting!!
All for one and one for all!!!
Up yourssssssssssss!!!!!!!

(I have to learn to control my temper eh?)
Then there are a select few who realise their latent talent and start exploding and exploring and exciting and searching and eating and pooping.
And the poop spreads its tentacles and eats others' heads.
O the cannibalism that follows.
Can you even imagine the horror!!!
Can you imagine!!!

I guess not - - because you are too stupid to understand what I have written.
If you are not stupid - - don't waste your time reading such rubbish
Go and gobble!!!
You fat, aggressive, hyperactive, pragmatic, eccentric bugger!!
Gobble fast and digest thoroughly

Please dont forget to poop!
The poop and the stench of the poop is creative.

Forgive me for I have sinned.
I have dared to be stuuuuupid.

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