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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It is a very good thing that smoking has been banned in public places and indoors.
These humans should not be allowed freedom in a democracy to choose the way they enjoy life.
"Cough Cough"
There are talks of liquor being banned - good thing! 
Who needs it?
Mr. Ramadoss shall be our mesiah and tell us how to control our vices.
Who are we to decide our fate - we clearly do not know right from wrong.
Mr. Ramadoss is our mummy!!!
I believe cars should be banned - - do you know how much they pollute?
They make me cough everytime I go out on the roads.
Evil Cars!!!
Ban them.
Night clubs should also be banned.
Naughty things happen at night - like sex!! Hawww!!
Cheee cheee. . . . Indians should not be allowed to have sex outside a marriage.
Coffee is bad for teeth - - - I have banned that from my daily use.
If I was Mr. Ramadoss I would have banned it for everyone!!
Oil, ghee, butter, chocolate makes one fat - that gives rise to other ailments.
Ban them already!!!
Listening to loud music disturbs others and also increases the amount of bacteria in one's ears.
Stupid humans.
The word ' condom' was censored from the movie 'Hello!'
Of course it should have been!!!
We need more humans to occupy all the empty land in India!!
We hardly have people here in India. - only 1.1 billion.
People should be banned from using the loo.
You know how much waste goes into the sea.
And then we go n do chapp chapp in the sea
Such a sad state of affairs I say.


ishan said...

well i think mns or shiv sena shud ban sex after marraige too.. india needs it.. BAD!!!

Ramesh Srivats said...

Nice post. I have one on similar lines that you may want to check out. It's at