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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A walk on the beach

I saw all the lonely people walking with people who they might have known.
I saw couples; cuddling; kissing& holding hands
I saw a few stars.
I was jogging and I felt thirsty.
A prostitute approaced me: "Aye Hero! Mazaa karna hai kya?"
I said: "Sorry Yaar"
And walked on; silent, lost and tired.
After a while, I closed my eyes, faced the ocean and heard the waves.
It sounds dramatic, but I could actually hear the waves and not much else.
I died that night.
It was very silent and painful.
It was more like a thud.
All of a sudden all was hollow.
There was nobody around me.
There was nothing concrete to be done.
I was not tired anymore.
I was not hungry; nor did I have a craving for a certain taste.
I sat; and I felt like crying.
All of a sudden I had nothing.
I was drifting in the air and could see my lifeless body before my eyes.
My eyes were bloody and wide open.
As if in shock.
I died that night & I saw myself.
It was actually a thud.
I know I am reiterating but there is no other way to express it.
The ground was no longer there.
Nor was there a sky.
Nor was there a vision.
Nor was there any love.
No family either.
No friends.
No sleep, no food, no recreation.
It felt meaningless.

I woke up from death the next morning.
And felt a rush of energy - the kind that is not evident physically.
That is when I realised.
Yesterday was Death.
Yesterday was Anand.

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