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Friday, September 19, 2008

The Pain

Today I paid a person in order to save myself from the bureaucracy; also to save myself from the frustration and at the least' 4 hours of wasted time. So, this is the system. And I have finally succumbed to it. Is this real? I have been against this for a very long time and it still holds true. I still hate it. The thought of it makes me boil inside. Does the end justify the means? I was selfish. I aim to see this country free of the ridiculous. It is true - that when I die it is not going to matter; but it is just a drive to do something worthwhile with this human mind and body. I believe that I am capable of doing better than most. I see the potholes, the bureaucracy, the capitalism, the bribery, wasted time of millions of Indians, anger, fraud, frustration and disappointment manifest itself into this sorry excuse for a well oiled aspirational nation. Enforcement of law is more responsible than the law itself. A successful society rests on moral (please understand this word) responsibility. Contrary to all opinion; this responsibility needs to be a web, originating from a multitude of sources, deriving its strength based on everything around it. It is not a bottom up or a top down approach. Short term profits and short term losses influence most decisions - just like cannibals. It is difficult to get illiterate fools to come together for the common good. An educated society is successful. Although - education does not mean schooling. Education is much deeper. It is individual thoughts backed by logic. It is moral teachings by elders backed by logic. Logic is the sole reason why we are human. I paid a person today to save myself and ruin society. And exercise the saved time. And save myself from frustration.

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