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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hope and Reason

This is the end.
For I can't take this anymore.
You believe you have a path.
No path lays there dear friend!
There is no end.
No water in sight.

All that you provide us, is hope.
And I am sure you know that.
You stopped believing in yourself too long ago.
There is nothing!

Feet come and feet go.
Voices are heard in hollow halls.
Mourning has been forgotten.
There is no triumph!
It is all a farce!

O - I see a light!!
I feel so nice now!!
Magic it is.
Nothing lays there.

People keep looking up.
People keep wondering where they walk.
What is it to which they walk?
Eventually we all tend to die.
Miseries just come by.

I see the fallen fossil.
I see the shoot from the green ground.
Nothing is real.
It seems to me that you do not have a real purpose.
It is a ride.

A ride that began when nobody was aware.
The ride shall end soon when nobody shall remain awake.
Zombies shall roam the streets.
Blood all around.
Perspiring naked beings.
As they walk back and forth and complain about how the world is a sad place.
The world is a sad place.
Nothing shall ever grow here.
Except for hope.

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