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Saturday, August 8, 2009

A War

A black cloud arrives over the sea.
It shrouds all that can't be seen.
Pods drop from the heavens.
Into the land of the mighty.
Nobody had dared yet to challenge these foul.
But out came the warriors.
Angels with swords - their ego, their shield.
They looked all around.
But nothing could be seen.
Was this the filthy land??
A mind sparked.
The ego need be thrown.
And lo!
The beings showed themselves.
Thunder was now heard.
Where all seemed at peace.

The messiah approached the beauties.
Bearing a warning on his dark forehead.
All is owned here.
You are not welcome.
Begone - and do not look back.
The forehead ceased to belong to that creature.
It lay strewn behind the angels.

A roar could now be heard.
The foul had been awakened.
The dirt under their feet shook.
The wind changed face as the roars grew louder.

The angels were calm.
They cared not for glory.
They cared not for victory.
They cared not for death.
All they wanted is to show the foul their faces.

The foul approached the glowing auras.
They shielded their eyes.
For they knew not this strange magic.
Glistening skin.
And brilliant eyes.

But the foul pushed forward.
And a one-sided battle it was.
In the end there stood only one angel.
She leapt up into the sky.
And bellowed from her bosom.

Who are you?

The foul perished.
The angels were resurrected.
The land had been freed.

The angels saw a light all around them.
At varying distances.
The sources were eyes.
Eyes of the fallen.
The fallen who were now smiling.
Rainbows all around.
For the eyes had tears.
The foul had been defeated.
The land was rid.

The angels fell down.
To the core of the land.
To power its progress.
Till time ceased.

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