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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Singing a song before my last breath

Where do I stand right now?
The great frozen desert of the south where all I can see flying by is the ice debris.
The great moments are those in which the wind stays still and the bright moon darkens the sky.
I struggle to move now.
I look in all possible directions and I do not see a single lifeform.

A thunder is struck and I tread ahead.
My stomach asks me for food, but I will it to remain at peace.
A few hours more and you shall meet your end without a doubt.
I had always thought I would never see this scene.
Had thought about it for far too long.

There are a multitude of things that are always wanted.
But it is difficult to attain all that is desired.
I think of the warm room.
I think of the incessant murmur broken by sudden thunder.
I think of the creamy risotto.
But most of all, I think of the whole bed.

I turn back to the white shades ahead.
My body is numb.
I feel no pain.
I fall down.
I know I am sinking.
But I do not have the will to struggle.
I could.
But I choose not to.

The thing that enters my mind now is her warn embrace and smell of her skin.
I had lived.

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