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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Anguis in a Letter

Do I ask for too much when all I ask for is to behold?
Where might I find you? - is what I ask.
A smile is what I look forth to...
When all that I require is your glance.
No, it is not time yet.
For the wait shall prove a few things.
This wait I have decided to endure.
For it is imperative that I know,
Who I want to be with.
A romantic I may be,
And a foul mind I may have.
Deep desires and simple requests.
I am too complex;
Such that I am easy to interpret.
I word too much at times.
And I say my stories as they arise.
I look forth to seeing you.
One fine day.
Whenever that day may come.
Until then I ask of you this -
Stay available.
It is easy to stray...
But know this you.
Keep no regrets.
Move on if you must.
But give a thought to me before you set course.
If a thought I am given,
I assure you this...
I will trouble you not.

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