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Saturday, September 5, 2009


When is it that the flame shines bright?
I saw the sky the other day.
It was dark.
But there was a brilliance to the darkness.
Somebody was shining a light.
Somebody was quarreling the demons.
You shall not pass!! - roared Gandalf Greyhame.
A voice I heard.
It was just like the grey wizard's.
Shimmering robes and dirty smiles.

A flag was flying high.
The darkness of the sky seemed timid.
Alight! Alight! Alight!

There is confusion in the air.
People from the west move to the east.
People from the east move to the west.
I saw a hand.
I saw a naked hand lying idle on the ground.
This is where a battle was wrought.

Potatoes now grow.
Onions are gobbled.
The world wants to see the darkness lifted.
And lo.
There came Human #6901
Galloping on his mule.
He held a knife.
A butter knife it was.
And thrust it into the sky.
The world as was known, crumbled.
The top fell to the bottom.

Spaceships came now.
And conquered the fallen land.
And this was the origin of humans.
And this was what I saw just yesterday.
As I ate some home cooked food.
As I dreamt of my love.

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