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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Here I lie

I saw her walking on the street below flanked by her 2 friends.
Brutes they were as they held her soft hand.
Snow and ice controlled the land around.
The land that used to be road and pavement.
She smiled, or so it seemed.
There was no smile underneath though.
She was being dragged along.
But it was not apparent.
There was something that gave it away.
May be I just have a thing for reading faces.
I heard her call for help.
I saw another girl approach these three humans.
I must say that she was gorgeous.
Which may be why I saw drool dripping down the 2 guys' faces.
Let go her hand and held the gorgeous.
The angel now smiled.
So did the messiah.
Lo and behold! How appearances change in an instant.
For take note - that there is nothing that is real.
Everything is a belief.
The 2 brutes were in fact troblins - a hybrid of trolls and goblins.
Troblins are a reminder of the human race that inhabited the earth many years ago.
The angel was a dark knight being held prisoner - on her way to the shadow castle.
Her end there was sacrifice to the smoke gods.
The messiah was of the lineage of Galtden - far offspring from the families of John Galt and Hank Rearden, the ones who saved the human race (for a while)
The angel smiled and the messiah laughed.
The troblins fled and the 2 remaining souls on that very street locked in a strong embrace.
Life had changed for me when I saw this.
I now go back to my cave.
I now go back to my identity and my venture.
I am in pursuit of happiness.
May be I just saw it.
That which seems to be not in control, but in fact is.

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