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Sunday, September 13, 2009


"People call us renegade coz we like living crazy!!"

So I stopped studying and broke my laptop.
Threw my cellphone into the water.
I forgot about investment banking and financial services.
Ego was long gone
And friends were just images.
I sat with my back up right.
This was late at night.
As I saw the moon and the stars and the bright clouds.
I saw a car pass by and I spit on the ground.
I forgot what it was to eat out.
I would cook and eat.
My life was through the money I inherited.
Nothing substantial was used.
It was on a need to use basis.
I walked the road.
Through the flat land around.
Till my feet grew tired.
I settled and cooked some rice.
A truck passed me and I hailed it down.
On to Antarctica I said.
The bugger laughed at me.
I shot him dead.
I drive now towards the south.
Its just me and the clouds at night.
Sometimes I have thoughts.
My eyes dont burn anymore.
My feet dont ache anymore.
My mind is clear.
I am willing to die.

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