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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Absurd Behvaiors

A man tries to dig his nose in public without appearing too dirty.
Such a sad tale I must say.
A girl wearing adequately less clothes tries to entice the guy sitting opposite her by stretching her arms and stretching her legs.
In effect, others are attracted to her.
A guy wakes up from sleep on his book, looking distraught and starts playing with his pencil.
No, not that pencil.
There are people who try to look presentable.
There are people who look horrible.
There are people who do not care.
But then there are also people who really want to care.
People buy stuff because they feel restless.
Do they deserve to spend money?
Does it matter if they deserve to spend money?
A woman looks horrified and screams at somebody across the room.
People are horrified but they laugh inside their heads.
There is an excuse for all things unordinary.
There is no reason for the queer humans that infest this planet.
I once saw a guy who swam through the room.
Sitting on his surfboard he ate some meat.
There was no reason for him to not wear anything.
But he did so.
Because it pleased him.
People dance and walk.
May be because they like being the center of attention.
People keep talking and ignore what others say.
It is a sad state of affairs.
It is a trait that is not easily developed.
People kill spiders and cockroaches and cows and chicken and broccoli and potatoes and fish.
There is a difference everywhere.
There is a need to create incoherence.
The reason is not known but
All that I know is that there is a girl across me who is in a miniskirt.
Now, she sits as though I cannot see much.
I try not to.
But there is always a quest to see what cannot be seen easily.
If she was naked - I would have seen her and then given up.
If only I could tell her to sit without her clothes.

OK - she slapped me.
And she left.
But her boyfriend's still there.

OK - that hurt.
May be I should have asked him to remove his clothes.
I think he felt hurt that a cute guy like me preferred a girl over him.
That is the way the cookie crumbles.

The woman is still huffing and puffing and angry at that creature across the room.
I have a feeling that if someone stopped her and questioned her.
She would not remember the reason why she is so upset.
I think I will ask her.

OK - I was correct.
She is dumb.
O of all things moronic.
The walls fell up and ceiling fell perpendicularly.
The lights spew black now.
And the air around is lit by an unidentifiable source.
I shall see why this be.

I forgot to wear my shirt.
May be that is why people kept staring at me.
And may be that is why that chick was trying to entice me.

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